The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition
The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition
Is Canada’s Military Prepared for a New Era?: Christian Leuprecht on The Agenda

🚨Inflation Spikes to 3.4% – What’s Next for the Bank of Canada? [Video]

Canadian Economy and Markets

🚨Inflation Spikes to 3.4% – What’s Next for the Bank of Canada? #uncertainty #rates

In this week’s Finance Fridays episode, join us as we dissect the latest inflation data from Statistics Canada for December 2023. The numbers are in, and inflation has surged unexpectedly to 3.4%, with Core inflation ticking up by 20 basis points. The big question now: all eyes on the Bank of Canada on January 24th – will they opt for a rate hike or maintain the status quo?

Explore the possibilities of a rate cut in early 2024 and join the conversation on whether it’s a viable option. The economic landscape is evolving rapidly, and we’ll keep you updated on the current conditions facing Canadians. Discover the implications of this heightened inflation data for the Bank of Canada and the potential for rate cuts in the coming year. As the data shifts, so does our outlook on possible rate adjustments.

🌍 Additionally, we delve into the intricacies of Canada’s GDP, examining immigration and employment data to gauge the Bank of Canada’s scope for rate hikes. Stay informed about the economic factors influencing these decisions.

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Consumer Survey Latest Survey of Consumer Expectations- Jan 2024,Canadian%20Survey%20of%20Consumer%20Expectationsβ€”Fourth%20Quarter%20of%202023,for%20services%20such%20as%20rent.
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