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Aklerh releases music video for hit single, Only You

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Ghanaian singer, Aklerh, has released her highly-anticipated music video for her hit single “Only You.” The video, directed by Benn Koppoe, has already captivated audiences around the world, earning praise for its stunning visuals and Aklerh’s powerful performance.

“Only You” is a heartfelt love song that showcases Aklerh’s soulful voice and the powerful emotions behind her lyrics. The colourful music video was shot on the beautiful shores of La in Accra – Ghana. The simplicity of the visuals allows Aklerh’s vocals to take center stage, evoking a raw and emotional connection with the listeners.

Director Benn Koppoe, known for his visually stunning music videos, was the perfect choice to bring “Only You” to life. Koppoe’s use of stark lighting and shadows creates a moody and intimate atmosphere, highlighting the amazing story the lyrics of the song depict.

The stunning music video portrays the indigenous rich culture of the Ga community …

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