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B.C. LifeLabs customers start to receive settlements but amount may be lower than expected [Video]

Canadian National News

B.C. LifeLabs customers who were part of the data breach class-action lawsuit will be receiving their settlement payments in the coming days.

Customers in B.C. who signed up to be part of the settlement have started receiving emails saying they will receive an e-transfer from KPMG in the next five business days.

However, it may not be the payout people were expecting.

“Given the large number of valid claims received (i.e. 901,544), all class members who made valid claims will receive a payment of $7.86, which has been calculated in accordance with the Court-approved terms of distribution,” KPMG said in an emailed statement.

Previously, the company said payouts could be up to $150 for each person.

Anyone receiving a settlement will receive details about how to deposit the amount, including the password required.

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