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Understanding the threat from AI: Balkan Devlen and Darren McKee
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Canadian Wind Turbine Impasse, Eleven-I CMS, US Funds Flow Batteries [Video]

Prince Edward Island News

Canadian Wind Turbine Impasse, Eleven-I CMS, US Funds Flow Batteries

In the picturesque landscape of Prince Edward Island, Canada, a growing problem has emerged involving 10 Acciona turbines, installed back in 2014. These once-reliable turbines now have significant main bearing issues, necessitating extensive overhauls. This development has created tension, given that these turbines come equipped with a robust 15-year warranty, yet power production has plummeted by a staggering 70%.

In the most recent edition of PES Wind Magazine, Eleven-I takes center stage to shed light on the advantages of in-blade accelerometers and CMS monitors. Rosemary and Phil join forces to dissect the engineering intricacies, delving into both the benefits and associated costs of augmenting blade sensors. The burning question of whether flow batteries can make a meaningful contribution to the energy grid is also on the table. Notably, the US Department of Energy (DOE) is extending a generous offer of nearly $400 million in loans to EOS Energy Enterprises, with the aim of establishing a state-of-the-art factory in Pennsylvania, capable of churning out a staggering 8GWh of flow batteries annually.

Rosemary, our resident expert, takes the reins to elucidate the physics underpinning flow batteries, while Phil introduces Allen to the myriad potential applications these innovations hold for the power grid. And, as the cherry on top, we shine the spotlight on the Timbermill Wind Project in scenic North Carolina, our Wind Farm of the Week!

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Uptime 182

Allen Hall: Well, Phil, did you get a new helmet for that crazy electric scooter that you have? 

Phil Totaro: Oh, I, I’ve got a helmet. Don’t worry. It’s a fancy, it’s a fancy one. And it’s very aero. It’s I, I won’t give, give them shameless product placement, but it’s, you know, if, if you’ve watched the Tour de France or you’re watching the Vuelta España right now cycling race.

You, you will see them wearing the same ones in the individual time trial. 

Allen Hall: Well, we were just at a NASCAR race and one of the things I was paying attention to was the helmets that they wear. And recently there was an accident in NASCAR. This car literally just spun end on end for about 10 rotations and then hit the dirt.

And the guy walked out of it and I thought, my gosh, helmets have really improved over the last couple of years. I’m not sure several years ago to be able to walk away from that as well. And hopefully they’re using the same technology in your helmet, Phil, because. You’re going really fast. You’re like probably going too fast.

Phil Totaro: No, I’m actually, it’s, it is for, for where I live, which is Santa Barbara, California, it’s a fantastic way of getting around town and any place that actually has the infrastructure with a lot of bicycle lanes and, and you know, just good infrastructure for being able to do this, it’s a, it’s a much better way for me to be able to get around town than a car and it’s faster.

Less time and less money parking, et cetera. So it’s it, it works 

out all right. 

Allen Hall: See Phil saving the planet one scooter at a time.

So up at the Hermanville wind farm in Eastern Prince Edward Island, Canada, they’re having a big problem with wind their wind farm, which is only producing about 10 percent of the power that it’s supposed to, the farm opened up in 2014 and despite having a 15 year warranty.

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$190 Billion in two way energy trade between the US and Canada!
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