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Could education battle swing Sask. voters this election? Experts weigh in [Video]

Saskatchewan News

The Saskatchewan election is nine months away and in a year filled with controversy around the education sector, there’s question about the political impact.

Concerns around classroom conditions are front and centre, as the government and teachers’ union contract negotiations are at a standstill, with the province and teachers at odds over whether the conditions can be discussed at the bargaining table.

In the spring, news about how much tax-payer money is spent on private schools came to light, followed by the rollout of a controversial gender pronoun policy.

In a province that’s been Saskatchewan Party run for 16 years, could issues in education swing voters?

“I certainly think there’s possibility for the NDP to make gains here,” Daniel Westlake, an assistant professor of political studies at the University of Saskatchewan, tells CTV News.

“The question becomes, ‘Is the NDP going to gain enough to threaten the Sask. party’s ability to win?’ I think that’s something that’s probably more unlikely.”

Westlake says …

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