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David Myles, Classified releasing new albums this spring [Video]

Nova Scotia News

A New Brunswick singer-songwriter and a Nova Scotia rapper both have brand new music coming out this spring more than a decade after they teamed up to make a song that would connect them for life.

“Inner Ninja” by Classified featuring David Myles went six-times platinum and earned them their first JUNO Award in 2013 for Rap Recording of the Year.

The pair say they still remain close friends and collaborators.

“It’s hard to believe, and we still talk every day pretty much,” Myles says.

“We still like each other,” Classified joked.

Both men are currently working on new albums at the same time.

“We’ve been doing it, basically, in parallel,” Myles says. “He’s been making his record, I’ve been making mine in the studio in Fredericton, and we’ve been building these tracks up and we’re like an emotional support group for each other as we’re coming to the end now, it’s hilarious.”

Myles was …

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