Delaying C-70 would be a gift to our adversaries / Richard Fadden / MLI in parliament
Delaying C-70 would be a gift to our adversaries / Richard Fadden / MLI in parliament
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Do People Care Less About Climate Change in 2024? [Video]

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Do People Care Less About Climate Change in 2024?

These SURPRISING Challenges are Limiting Environmental Protection
Climate change is causing impacts such as floods, wildfires, and drought. But how does this impact people’ feelings on climate action? While greenhouse gasses and carbon levels rise, it doesn’t seem to drive an increase in climate action due to variable public perception. Environmental protection, ecosystem conservation, rising temperatures, carbon sequestration, food production, habitat fragmentation, are all issues that need more attention.

In this video we look at a 2024 report outlining Canadians’ feelings and perception on climate change.

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