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Canadian National News

A day before the start of the NATO summit, a top U.S. congressman brought up Canada as a source of frustration without any prompting.

When asked about American allies who are pulling their weight in defence spending, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives pivoted to the exception on his mind:

“By contrast, shamefully, [there’s] Canada,” Mike Johnson said during a think-tank event in Washington.

“Talk about riding on America’s coattails. They have the safety and security of being on our border and not having to worry about that. I think that’s shameful.”

It’s been said Canada is in the hot seat at the NATO summit, which is unfolding amid a spike in global tension that has countries ramping up defence spending. Nearly one-quarter of U.S. senators, from both parties, have written an unusually caustic letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding a plan to hit the alliance’s minimum spending goal.

But it could …

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