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Forks river trail closes for the season [Video]

Manitoba News

The River Trail at The Forks is officially closed for the winter, marking the shortest season in history.

On Wednesday, the Forks announced that the Nestaweya River Trail is now closed following multiple closures and reopenings throughout the season.

“Last year, we were open for 72 days, and so this year, to be such a short stint of two short stints that were open, is really sad,” said Zach Peters, the marketing and communications manager with The Forks

“We’ve all sort of recognized that this weather has been bizarre this year. This warm start to winter, this freeze thaw cycle we’ve been under.”

CTV News Winnipeg previously reported that the popular trail was impacted this year by Mother Nature, including the challenges of warm temperatures, rain, snow and high water levels.

“I have to hand it to our team and our partners at The Winnipeg Foundation for navigating some really …

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