The Notwithstanding Clause: Use It - or Lose It?
The Notwithstanding Clause: Use It - or Lose It?
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Former Sask. hockey player set to star in Season Two of Shoresy [Video]

Saskatchewan News

Mirasty, who is a former professional hockey player, joked to meadowlakeNOW that he gets more recognition playing a hockey player on TV than he does for his actual career.

“It’s kind of amazing… just how popular the show has become. I’ll be walking down an airport, and someone will say ‘Hey Jim.’”

Since Season Two hasn’t come out, Mirasty can’t talk about any scenes or his character in depth. However, he believes fans of the three Jims should have a fun time.

“Our roles are growing, and they’ll continue to grow,” said Mirasty.

Production was again shot in Sudbury, Ontario, taking about five to six weeks to complete. This time around was easier for Mirasty as the nerves of acting in front of a camera all but disappeared. He compared it to a veteran hockey player coming back after having the summer off.

“You go back, and you know what to …

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