Does the foreign-interference inquiry have the right tools?
Does the foreign-interference inquiry have the right tools?
Canada’s international isolation has never been more apparent: Richard Shimooka in the Hub

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There are questions about what really happened with the Wagner Group and what the future holds for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s grip on power. The turmoil in Russia is overshadowing a summit of Nordic nations in Iceland, which has seen Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attending to boost cooperation with Arctic partners. Monday was another day of bad air quality in parts of Quebec and Ontario, as drifting smoke from fires burning in northern Quebec lingered, keeping smog warnings and air quality advisories in place for much of the day. The U.S. coast guard is still out at the site of the wreck of the Titan submersible, and there are now multiple investigations into what went wrong, and multiple families grieving the loss of loved ones. Uganda is facing growing international outrage over its new so-called “anti-homosexuality act,” which can include life in prison or even the death penalty for anyone …

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