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How Rishi Sunak has been likened to the iconic comedy character Alan Partridge – from the ‘Hello Rhonda’ phone in gaffe, asking a homeless man if he works in business and awkward press-up photocall [Video]

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Awkward men doing bizarre things is a pitfall in British politics and Rishi Sunak is no stranger to being likened to the grimace inducing Alan Partridge. 

Whether it is an odd photo stunt or baffling on air mishaps, the embattled Prime Minister seems stumble into one Partridge scene again and again. 

When he showed down with Home Secretary James Cleverly in a push up challenge yesterday- the synergy between Mr Sunak and Partridge looked closer than ever.

In the Downing Street garden the competition took on Partridge-like aspects when the PM’s blonde Labrador Nova began jumping on the pair. 

Here we look at some of the other awkward mishaps that have led to comparisons to Steve Coogan‘s comedy creation.

Rishi Sunak has been likened to Alan Partridge in the past for his awkward public encounters
Alan Partridge played by Steve Coogan is famous for his memorable one-liners
Mr Sunak …

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