Canada and Cuba in a world of expanding authoritarianism title=
Canada and Cuba in a world of expanding authoritarianism

IN PHOTOS: Protests over legal reforms in Israel continue for 11th week – National [Video]

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Israelis took to the streets Saturday to protest planned judiciary reforms that some say could lead to authoritarian powers for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tens of thousands of people have protested the judiciary overhaul every weekend for the last two months.

Netanyahu’s government says the overhaul is meant to correct an imbalance that has given courts too much power and prevented lawmakers from carrying out the voters’ will. But critics say it will slide the country to authoritarianism and will give Netanyahu a chance to evade conviction in his corruption trial.

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The plan calls to strengthen political control over judicial appointments, including to the Supreme Court, while weakening that body’s ability to overturn legislation or rule against the government. A proposal would give the government power to overturn decisions by the Supreme Court.

“They want to destroy the system because the system wasn’t nice to them,” said Eliad Shraga, chairman …

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