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Inisheer, Aran Island, history [Video]

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Perhaps the best-known group of islands off Ireland’s coast, The Aran Islands are renowned for their history, Irish culture and stunning natural beauty.

They are what some might call ‘last outpost of Irish culture’, remaining a Gaeltacht area, where Irish is still the first language and school-children from the mainland are often sent for their summer break to brush up on their native tongue. It is a place where ancient traditions still prevail.

The smallest (and often thought of as most stunning) of these islands is Inisheer, or Inis Oírr. It is an extension of the geographic phenomenon that is The Burren in County Clare.

Named from Irish for ‘great rock’ – boireann – The Burren is what is known as a karst landscape, a unique geographical formation made of rugged limestone. It also enjoys unusually lush greenery and flora and much of Inisheer is like The Burren in this way. The result is a diverse …

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