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Involuntary Childlessness: Jordan Peterson Discusses Hungarian Demographic Policies [Video]

Quebec News

During a discussion with British-born demographer and documentary maker Stephen J. Shaw, renowned Canadian clinical psychologist and bestseller author Jordan B. Peterson had listed Hungarian family supporting policies as the only known example of a government issued incentive program that has measurably slowed the population decline.

Peterson initially listed the example of Canada’s Quebec province’s attempts at introducing policies meant to reverse low birthrate, such as making daycare more accessible to young women. Yet in his view these had no positive effect whatsoever on the continuing decline of population. Indeed, Stephen Shaw maintains that there are no recent historic examples of a country entering a spiral of population decline, who could reverse this trend.

Peterson, however, points out that

Hungary has put forward a series of policy transformations on the family support front, and …. they have at least stopped the birthrate decrease and increased it slightly.

He suggested that Hungary is the only example …

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