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Jayson Tatum Stars in New Gatorade Ad Campaign [Video]

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In March 2016, mere days after he led Chaminade College Preparatory School to the Missouri Class 5A state title, Jayson Tatum received a prestigious honor. It was the Gatorade National Player of the Year award, given annually to the best high school basketball player in the United States.

Seven years later, Tatum is among the NBA’s biggest stars as the leading scorer for the Boston Celtics. And the sports drink company hasn’t forgotten about him.

Gatorade announced Thursday that Tatum will be the face of the brand’s first ad campaign of 2023, showing off his love for both video games and basketball. Tatum’s commercial is for the company’s new Gatorlyte product, which it bills as a beverage designed for “rapid rehydration.” The ad is the latest collaboration between Tatum and Gatorade, which recently began selling water bottles designed by the 25-year-old that feature illustrations of the Gateway Arch.

Tatum’s ad debuts today and will air for the next few months.

You can watch it below:

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