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Lack of French exam prep, poor translation causing accreditation delays: U de M nursing school director – New Brunswick [Video]

New Brunswick News

The director of Université de Moncton‘s nursing program said that nine years after the introduction of the controversial NCLEX-RN licensing exam in New Brunswick, francophone nursing students often need to write the exam two or three times before passing.

The NCLEX-RN exam was originally created in the United States.

There is no official preparatory material available in French, and the translation of the exam from English to French has been criticized.

Suzanne Harrison said this puts francophone students at a disadvantage, as many anatomical terms or names of medications, for example, are wildly different between the two languages.

“Sadly, some students who did a four-year degree in French had to relearn a lot of things in English to pass the exam,” she said.

When the exam was first introduced in 2015, she said more than half of the nursing students failed it, noting the nursing school had had an excellent pass rate with the previous …

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