The future of US-Canada relations / Double Trouble: CNAPS at AEI
The future of US-Canada relations / Double Trouble: CNAPS at AEI
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LCBO strike: Doug Ford says workers wont get deal if union pushes to keep Ready-To-Drink cocktails out of other stores [Video]

Ontario News

Premier Doug Ford says no deal will be reached with striking LCBO workers if the union representing employees continues to push to keep Ready-To-Drink cocktails out of grocery and convenience stores.

“If they want to negotiate over RTD (Ready-To-Drink beverages), the deal is off,” Ford told reporters at a news conference at a brewery in Etobicoke on Wednesday.

“Let me be very clear. It is done, it is gone. That ship has sailed. It’s halfway across Lake Ontario.”

About 9,000 LCBO workers represented by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) walked off the job last Friday, shuttering all LCBO stores provincewide.

The union has said that the primary point of contention at the bargaining table is the Ford government’s expansion of alcohol sales in the province.

As part of the expansion, RTD cocktails will soon be widely available in grocery stores and convenience stores across the province. Convenience stores …

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