Double Trouble: Goodbye globalization? Balkan Devlen with Elisabeth Braw
Double Trouble: Goodbye globalization? Balkan Devlen with Elisabeth Braw
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Local Counselor React to Potential TikTok Ban – Erie News Now [Video]

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Erie native Mark Campbell’s work has taken him all over the world.

“I ended up developing a company,” Campbell said. “We got involved in aerospace and nuclear fossil fuel.”

He spent 10 years living in China, becoming fluent in Mandarin and learning extensively about Chinese culture. After a decade of business overseas, Campbell came home to Erie for something different.

“I became a mental health counselor,” Campbell said. “In fact, I told my young patients: I’m the oldest therapist alive in the area.”

After 10 years of co-owning Campbell Counseling alongside his wife, Janet, his diverse background in both China and the U.S. has brought a lot of thought to the potential TikTok ban in the States.

“There’s transparency over here,” Campbell said. “What concerns Congress [in] the relationship with TikTok, or the central government of China, [it’s] ability to influence content. Whereas over here, you can control that, but …

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