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Majority defends GRA-SML deal, insists no wrong was done [Video]

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Alexander Afenyo Markin majority

The Majority in Parliament has jumped to the defense of the Ghana Revenue Authority-Strategic Mobilisation Limited (SML) deal.

The caucus insists that no wrong was done.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and some Civil Society Organisations have been demanding the termination of the contract following the issuance of the government’s white paper after a KPMG audit.

Addressing journalists in Parliament, Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin warned his NDC colleagues and CSOs against posturing that he believes could destroy indigenous Ghanaian businesses.

“Often times, under the guise of due diligence, under the guise of transparency, we often get out of control and destroy Ghanaian businesses, whereas foreign firms who operate in certain sectors get the kind of protection that makes them develop their businesses,” he said.

The Majority insist the legal issues raised by the NDC and CSOs against the deal in particular the demand that the deal should have come to Parliament for approval are all without basis.

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