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Martial artist shows off stunt work on big screen and on YouTube with his daughters [Video]

Saskatchewan News

Actor and martial artist Jason Truong works on film and TV sets around North America as a stuntman and stunt choreographer. Back home in Regina, he’s hoping his daughters adopt his love of martial arts, as they film YouTube skits together.

The YouTube video opens with a package of Hi-Chew candies on a kitchen counter. Two young girls peek mischievously around the corner.

Just as they think the strawberry sweetness is theirs, a man snags the candy.

A fight ensues in the living room. Kicks fly. Kids flip.

It’s not looking good for the girls. That is, until dad is floored by another girl — the youngest of the three. She laughs maniacally and grabs the Hi-Chews with the hand that just delivered a knockout.

This is the Truong family spending quality time together.

Hi-Chew stealer and fight instigator Jason Truong is a third-degree black belt in Hapkido, a hybrid Korean martial art. His daughters and YouTube co-stars — …

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