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Meet the pets flying on their own private jets [Video]

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We asked people around the Stuff Auckland office to share where their pets sleep.

On a charter flight from Dublin to New Jersey last July, the passenger manifest resembled the attendance sheet at an obedience class. There was a Labrador retriever, a Leonberger, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, a cavapoochon, a French bulldog, a wheaten terrier and two vizslas. Also on the list: Several humans toting dog blankets and puppy pads for the red-eye journey.

“If I sent the wheaten terrier the traditional way, he would’ve had a heart attack,” said Jennifer Kirkham, whose two dogs, Fenway the terrier and Dublin the bulldog, flew on the private transport. “They’re better travellers than most kids.”

For travellers with pets, the options for long-distance hauls are limited and often stressful for both species. Commercial airlines place tight restrictionson airborne animals, especially ones that are too large for the cabin and must fly in the cargo hold …

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