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Nano One Materials advancing towards first commercial LFP production facility with feasibility study [Video]

Quebec News

Nano One Materials Corp (TSX:NANO, OTC:NNOMF) aims to support growth in the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) industry with its turnkey Design-Once-Build-Many strategy for plant construction, which advanced this week with the company’s announcement of a feasibility study for its first LFP plant.

The study is being carried out by BBA as the company continues to evaluate potential sites for its first 25,000 metric tons per annum LFP plant in Ontario and Quebec, Canada.  

In conversation with Proactive, CEO Dan Blondal discussed the feasibility study milestone and how it supports the company’s Design-Once-Build-Many strategy.

Proactive: The company had news about its path toward feasibility, a pretty significant step. Take us through what the company announced and where you’re headed.

DB: The feasibility study, what we’re calling FEL 3, is going to be the basis for our future LFP production plant. But it also forms the basis for our turnkey Design-Once-Build-Many strategy to address the broader LFP market, not only in North America but …

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