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New Calgary exhibition celebrates career of Maestro Fresh Wes [Video]

Nova Scotia News

The career of the Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop, aka Maestro Fresh Wes, is getting its close-up in a new exhibition that opens May 15 at the National Music Centre.

Toronto’s Wes Williams changed Canadian music in 1989 when he released “Let Your Backbone Slide” on his debut album Symphony in Effect.

There were hip hop scenes in cities like Toronto, Halifax and Montreal, but in 1989, hip hop was a musical genre that flew way under the radar of Canadian media, until Scarborough resident Williams named himself Maestro Fresh Wes and released Symphony in Effect, according to a 2019 National Music Centre feature by rock journalist Juliette Jagger.

“I came along in an era and time when there was little mainstream musical representation for the first generation of Black Canadians,” Williams told Jagger. “Up to that point, there really wasn’t a relationship with the industry, from our perspective.

“Back then (in 1989), we as a hip-hop community didn’t have our …

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