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Numbers higher than expected at Salvation Armys overnight warm-up site [Video]

Saskatchewan News

Saskatoon‘s first extreme cold snap was met with a team effort thanks to a number of groups in the city who want to keep people safe.

The overnight warm-up location saw higher-than-expected numbers over the past week.

St. Mary’s church hall is empty during the day, but in the evening, it takes on a whole new life when it transforms into an overnight haven for anyone needing to stay warm and get out of the frigid night conditions.

“This place is ideal because of the size and location, being so close to

St. Paul’s Hospital and other services along 20th,” Salvation Army Crossroads Executive Director Gordon Taylor, told CTV News.

The Salvation Army runs the hall as a night warm up site in conjunction with a daytime shelter at Prairie Harm Reduction a few doors down. The rent for the hall and other expenses are funded by the federal government.

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