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Ontario sexual assault bill debate quashed by Ford government [Video]

Ontario News

Ontario New Democrats are accusing the government of arrogance, hubris, and disdain for women after Progressive Conservatives shut down a debate set to take place tomorrow on a bill aimed at improving transparency around sexual assault cases.

The private member’s bill from Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife was to be debated Wednesday afternoon, with more than a hundred survivors and advocates expected in attendance at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

In a move that blindsided the opposition, PCs voted Tuesday to send ‘Lydia’s Law‘ to committee without debate. NDP MPPs shouted “shame” and “cowards” as government MPPs stood to vote.

“It’s shocking actually that they would have such disdain for women,” Fife told reporters through tears.

Bill 189 draws on recommendations from Ontario’s Auditor General in 2019. It calls on the Attorney General to report each year on the number of criminal cases that have been held up for more than eight months, analyze the reasons for the delays, and address them.

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