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Oxford Street and Gideon Drive roundabout construction to start this spring [Video]

Canadian National News

The City of London will begin construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Oxford Street West and Gideon Drive this spring.

Director of Roads and Transportation Doug MacRae said the work will go on throughout the summer.

“The entire construction season and it will extend into the following year for some minor works,” he told CTV News London.

The main challenge is that there are limited east-west travel routes through west London. The primary routes are Longwoods Road to the south, Fanshawe Park Road to the north and Oxford Street through the centre.

“Obviously, not the most convenient for me, for sure,” said Matthew Dengate. He and his young family live in the West 5 neighbourhood, which sits less than kilometre from the intersection.

He is supervisor for the London Children’s Connection after-school program at Delaware Central School and travels down Oxford Street West twice a day. But …

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