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P.E.I. teacher joins Ukrainian friends on trip home as war passes 2-year mark [Video]

Prince Edward Island News

Jennifer Holdway had heard stories of what life was like in Ukraine after Russia launched its invasion almost two years ago from her friends Elina Salabai and Polina Salabay, who moved to Prince Edward Island in April 2022. 

Holdway works as an EAL teacher (English as an Additional Language) in the public school system, often with children who have been displaced by war. These days, that includes many from Ukraine. 

When her friends told Holdway they were returning to Lviv in January 2024 to sell the family home, she asked to join them. 

“I have students from Ukraine, and also students who come from countries experiencing war and conflict, and I wanted to understand, at least in some small way, what that might be like for them,” she said. “I certainly can’t understand their experiences, but at least maybe experience a bit for myself.”

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