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Project ACL launched to help understand, reduce knee injuries in women’s soccer [Video]

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A three-year study dubbed Project ACL launched Tuesday with the goal of reducing anterior cruciate ligament knee injuries in women’s soccer.

The project is a collaboration between FIFPro, England’s Professional Footballers Association, Nike and Leeds Beckett University. FIFPro is the global union for professional football players representing some 65,000 players.

Injuries to the ACL are two to six times more likely to occur in women than men and some two-thirds of ACL injuries occur in women’s football when there is no physical contact, according to research. And that number has not been reduced despite research and more professionalism in women’s soccer.

But FIFPro says there is little understanding about how to reduce such injuries in professional women footballers, with most existing research and injury reduction programs focusing on amateur players.

“This is a response to the players rightly calling for more research,” said Alex Culvin, FIFPro’s head of strategy and …

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