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Province unveils 5-year plan to build up P.E.I.’s housing market [Video]

Prince Edward Island News

The P.E.I. government has released a five-year plan it says will increase the province’s housing supply to address the Island’s ongoing housing crisis. 

The plan released Friday promises to identify “creative solutions and opportunities” in conjunction with tenants, landlords, community groups, industry associations, developers and all levels of government. 

P.E.I.’s population is expected to grow to 200,000 within the next six years, but there has been no housing boom to support that level of increase. 

Some estimates project that as many as 2,600 new units — including everything from rental suites to single-family detached houses — will have to be built every year just to meet the growing demand for housing.

Housing Minister Rob Lantz says the province’s strategy lays out a plan to ‘meet the demands of our growing population.’ (Tony Davis/CBC)

The strategy released Friday goes beyond social or supported housing, which has historically been the provincial government’s …

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