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Douglas Murray and Brian Lee Crowley: In Defence of Western Civilization
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Quebecs worst roads: drivers invited to cast their votes – Montreal [Video]

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Along du Château-Pierrefonds Avenue on the West Island, uneven and bumpy road conditions are something to which people have grown accustomed.

“It’s become this wavy, hilly road and you’re driving down it and you’re getting this feeling that you’re on a rollercoaster,” said Jason Pepper, a Pierrefonds resident.

“It’s kind of wild, The kids love it, but me — not so much.”

Residents say the road has deteriorated over the years. Many insist the street needs to be completely redone.

“It’s bad,” said Pepper. “I don’t know if Château-Pierrefonds gets my worst road, but it’s close.”

Quebecers get to have their say on which road they think is the worst.

CAA-Quebec kicked off its annual campaign on Tuesday, asking drivers to vote and send in photos of which street is the most difficult to navigate.

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Officials say, your vote can really make a difference.

“It’s something cities await anxiously because they can use this as an argument towards governments …

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