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Saskatchewan teachers plan one-day job actions across province on Tuesday [Video]

Saskatchewan News

Teachers have given notice of one-day job actions across the province starting on Tuesday, according to a release sent by the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation (STF) on Saturday.

This includes rotating strikes, withdrawal of noon-hour supervision, and withdrawal of extracurricular activities.

The law states only 48 hours is required for job action but STF is giving extra time so families can make necessary arrangements.

“Beginning with a one-day withdrawal of these services is not something that we take lightly. Government needs to recognize the magnitude of the situation they have caused and continue to contribute to, get serious, and return to the table ready to bargain on the real issues impacting Saskatchewan students.” said STF President Samantha Becotte.

STF says parents can expect all withdrawal of professional and voluntary services for 24 hours during the rotating strike action. This means teachers will not report to school or perform any teaching duties.

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