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Saskatoon city councillors clash over ‘living wage’ for workers at proposed arena [Video]

Saskatchewan News

Companies looking to partner with the city on a proposed arena district and its facilities won’t be required to provide a “living wage” as part of their proposals.

At Wednesday’s governance and priorities committee, city councillors discussed adding such a requirement into the procurement process from any private operator tied to the downtown event and entertainment district.

City of Saskatoon technical services director Dan Willems had concerns with the requirement, specifically around the vague term of what a “living wage” is, and how such a stipulation could significantly affect the request for proposals (RFP) process.

“Administration is proposing that this item be addressed during the negotiation phase of the procurement,” Willems said to councillors. “It’s felt that including this as a minimum requirement in the RFP could carry significant additional cost and possibly unexpected implications.

“Working with the preferred proponent during the negotiation phase is felt that it will give …

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