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Northwest Territories director Kelvin Redvers started making movies at the age of 15. The aspiring filmmaker would create shorts with his friends and send them off to film festivals across the world in hopes of making it. In 2022, Redvers attended the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s Les Amandiers. To honour his Indigenous heritage, Redvers wore traditional moccasins on the red carpet, but was stopped by security and was told he wasn’t allowed to enter until he changed into formal shoes. 

“That isn’t unlike what it can feel like sometimes to be in the industry,” he tells Q’s Tom Power. Although he was often the only Indigenous filmmaker at film events, Redvers always knew he deserved to be there. “Why can’t a Dene Indigenous kid from Northwest Territories, be a Spielberg or be a Scorsese or that kind of thing?” says Redvers. 

His latest horror film, Cold Road centers on Tracy an Indigenous woman who …

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ANTISEMITISM ON CAMPUS / Aaron Wudrick and Sydney Greenspoon
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