The Notwithstanding Clause: Use It - or Lose It?
The Notwithstanding Clause: Use It - or Lose It?
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True Love. What it Cost me. How I’m Doing. I forgive her C+#@#%|g…I wasn’t the best BF. I blame me [Video]

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True Love. What it Cost me. How I’m Doing. I forgive her C+#@#%|g…I wasn’t the best BF. I blame me

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True Love, that’s what I felt when I met this girl, chilling in front of a Library, that I had was gonna us to play Total War; Shogun 2 ‘Realism’ Mod, with a friend, I also had Fallout 3: NV and it’s Alien Invasion Mod, & I think Even(don’t laugh) – Nexxon Zombies Counterstrike Installed(it was fun for like 2 maps stfu!!)….. Anyway, she passed by me on a banana board, I bought up her walk-man(I’m old)- her Dad was an old Tech Geek Like me, I listenes to some of her CD’s…her friends stood her up (not even half decent friends turns out( one half of her gay friends were uncompromising). Her friends Never Showed, I asked for a #, got it, a few days later we were drunk, I….Comforted her on a lonely night, I hung out with her downtown, I felt like a teenager again, saying “no X” I can’t just do that HERE, there are cameras…girls are girls so, we got asked to leave, I made sure all the footage was gone lest there be “Child P-word on your servers”; Of course, we were both of age, by a minimum of 2-3 years, still funny to watch them squirm after breaking up our moment.
-Now the rest could read many ways…But I choose it to read as; she helped me with my silly OCD things, I helped her Navigate Complex Problems of any sort. We eventually moved into her parents place, which made me feel cheap & unworthy. Every Penny I made except a very few went to either A) Gifts for The Lady, B) Cigarettes, or C) Christmas & B-Day Presents, since it had been so long for me without a family. I overspent, felt…..maybe….. unappreciated…thoughz ofc, at this point I said I’d do my owb Laundry(I didn’t)…… I woke up at 4:30 am to go to work & my gf @ the time would always be awake waiting for a kiss & me to say ” see you later ‘Snowflake'”. I could have lived that life and that Job a lifetime, Marry her, Move to my Grandparents Farm(Near Bloc House, Nova Scotia). When I got the news both grandparents were in bad health. The Day I was meant to talk to my Grandfather(We fought alot, I was the first born male, yet I was not the Surgeon Type like him, he resented me for this)- The look he gave me when I was maybe 9 & he said “You could always be a tradesmen, no shame in that”, at 9, broke my friggin dreams and ego & heart….. Only the girl in this story said I could do it, & despite my(MANY) flaws, I she tried to help.We ended up @ a motel for has-beens, ppl are asking me things like “are you a player now, bro, cuz if I had that girl I’d *sexually inappropriate here*”. I screwed up at the motel, she still loved me, I got kicked out of motelz she still loved me….. She has always loved me despite my mistakes, but a combination of my Apathy, her Young Soul & My Faith In True Love(Doomed us)

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