The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition
The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition
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What is the Snow Moon? What to know about Saturdays Full Moon NBC Chicago [Video]

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It’s been a turbulent week for weather in Chicago that has seen everything from sunny skies and 60-degree days to freezing temperatures and accumulating snow.

Fittingly enough, snow has returned to the Chicago area just in time for a special winter sight in the skies, the Snow Moon.

Nicknamed for the typically heavy snowfall seen this month, the Snow Moon is seen each February.

Here’s what to know about the Snow Moon and how to see it:

February’s full moon was called Snow Moon by many Native American cultures due to the typically heavy snowfall that occurs during this time of year.

According to the National Weather Service, February is the United States’ snowiest month.  

There have also been other names used for February’s full moon such as Hungry Moon, which the Cherokee used to call it, describing the time of food scarcity during the late winter period. It has …

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