How a trans activist group undermined medical science / Aaron Wudrick and Mia Hughes
How a trans activist group undermined medical science / Aaron Wudrick and Mia Hughes
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What Is Your “Number” To Retire Comfortably? 👀 [Video]

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What Is Your “Number” To Retire Comfortably? 👀

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⭐⭐ What Is Your “Number” To Retire Comfortably? 👀

The goalposts in life are constantly changing.

Nobody really has a set number that they constantly refer to for retirement because once you’re close to it, it seems realistic to aim higher!

What’s your number for retirement??

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This channel empowers investors like yourself to learn how to build an investment portfolio or a “bullet proof plan” in order to protect you and your family, generate an income stream in retirement, and ensure that your money outlives you.

We can help you maximize your estate value for your beneficiaries and minimize how much your estate pays to the government.

Rob Tetrault is a multi award-winning Portfolio Manager and head of the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group at CG Wealth Management. After graduating from University of Toronto Law School, Rob initially worked as an insurance litigation specialist at MLT Aikins in Winnipeg.

He then completed a Finance MBA and was a member of the Dean’s list at the Asper School of Business, before starting his Wealth Management Practice in 2010.

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