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Carbon tech, carbon capture: Turning the CO2 threat into an opportunity

Young woman parents call better mental health support in Nova Scotia [Video]

Nova Scotia News

Young woman parents call better mental health support in Nova Scotia

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Yuliya Andrichuk was an impressive young woman who entered the world with a passion for writing, painting, music and sports. She left world in a cold November night in the midst of mental health crisis. Andrichuk, 32, on 15 November 2022 without being exposed to Dartmouth Walking Road. In a recent interview, his family Mike and Irina said that if he had received appropriate mental health support, his could be prevented. “He needed treatment and help, Ir Irina said.“ He didn’t understand. ” Originally from Latvia, Andrichuks, Dartmouth General, an Emergency Service doctor who assessed that he was not in danger and said he was discharged 12 days before his . After discharge, the situation with severe depression gradually worsened. The Family made an appointment at the Portland Street Street Medical Clinic for November 14, but when he arrived, he was told that his appointment was canceled. After coming home, he had visible distress and said that the clinic doctors did not give him any treatment or medicine. Yuliya Andrichuk, who in the middle of the mental health crisis, is shown with his mother Irina.- Conributed Yuliya left the house and learned that through Andrichuks police report, a walking trail between Eisenor and Portland Estate boulevards usually had shortcut to go home. “When a person was still alive, the evening passed when he was still alive, but he did not call 911 .. “Yuliya was found by a Bypass looking for 911 the next morning.” Andrichuks, well concerns about the cancellation of private discharge and clinical appointment, well other treatment problems in Yuliya’s Nova Scotia mental health system, he said. On March 2, 2023, walker is seen in Portland Lakes Trail in Dartmouth.In November 2022, a woman who had mental health crisis at the hearing. During the accommodation in the Abbie J. Lane Memorial Building, a part of QEII Health Sciences Center in Halifax, he survived the security guards and abandoned facility several times. At another point, he said that Mike’s tutelage was canceled without explanation and notification. In a letter to Irina Mike, Minister of Mental Health Addiction Brian Comer, he said, “Yuliya was not fatal patient could live a long happy life with adequate treatment support.” In an interview, Comer called Yuliya’s for the family as “a heartbreaking story and an extremely heavy loss”. “We are definitely determined to get an answer,” he said. He could not tell if results of the review would be explained to public. “I can’t talk with certain cases, but we definitely accept the need for better mental health and dependence care.” Yuliya Andrichuk is shown with Mike. Andrichuks, who has moved to Quebec, where Mike has been working since then, was left to mourn the loss of a girl they remembered with admiration and love. Yuliya was in his last work at the University of Dalhouse when he . They told about his skills and mathematics ability as writer and painter. He was a skater and planned a career in modeling. “He was a great person, Mike said Mike.“ He returned to the university to continue last year.… He was reading, painting, artist, he did a lot. He’s a bright person.”

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