Douglas Murray and Brian Lee Crowley: In Defence of Western Civilization
Douglas Murray and Brian Lee Crowley: In Defence of Western Civilization
London Drugs ransomware attack deadline: Christian Leuprecht on Global News

Global National: March 15, 2024 | Calgary police standoff continues over 24 hours later [Video]

Canadian Politics and Government

Global National: March 15, 2024 | Calgary police standoff continues over 24 hours later

Breaking news out of Calgary, where a tense stand-off between a gunman and police has now dragged on for over 24 hours in the city’s north-east end. After shots were fired at police, nearby residents were told to shelter in place and others to avoid the area. Police say shots were fired as officers were executing a search warrant at the property, but they provided few other details so far. Heather Yourex-West is near the scene and has the latest.

The prime minister and Quebec’s premier faced-off in Montreal today in a dispute over immigration. François Legault asked Justin Trudeau to grant Quebec full control over how many immigrants and asylum seekers are allowed into that province. The premier says Quebec has surpassed its capacity and immigration control is crucial in preserving the French language. The premier’s request was rejected by the prime minister, but that wasn’t the only item on Legault’s wish-list. Mike Armstrong reports.

Turning now to the problems plaguing Canada’s procurement process. This week we heard baffling testimony from contractors behind the now-notorious ArriveCan app who took home millions of dollars. But concerns around the government’s procurement process extend well beyond that single case. Abigail Bimman explains.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to respond to attacks on Belgorod, which are being blamed on Ukraine’s armed forces. Putin claims the attacks are an attempt to derail Russia’s presidential elections. Voting began on Friday and will continue through the weekend, though the result is almost certain to extend Putin rule in Moscow. But as Crystal Goomansingh reports, the first day also saw plenty of acts of defiance.

A series of destructive and powerful tornadoes touched down in multiple U.S. states Thursday night leaving a trail of destruction. At least three people were killed in Ohio, while dozens more were injured in Indiana and Kentucky. Jackson Proskow reports on the extent of the damage.

More than 90 CEOs signed an open letter urging Canada’s finance minister to find ways to force this countries pension funds to invest more heavily in Canadian companies. Chrystia Freeland says she’s open to the idea, but she would likely face stiff resistance from fund managers. David Akin has more.

There’s been a lot of buzz about a tennis match in California. Not for the competition itself, but over the uninvited patrons who suspended play. Mike Drolet reports on the rude interruption.

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