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Jacob Flickinger’s parents search for answers after unintentional strike kills World Central Kitchen aid workers [Video]

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Parents of slain aid worker speak out

Parents of slain World Central Kitchen aid worker speak out 08:25

The parents of Jacob Flickinger, a U.S.-Canadian dual national and humanitarian aid worker who was one of seven people killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza on Monday, said they are still waiting to hear from government officials with more information about the last moments of their son’s life and dispute claims that his killing was accidental. Flickinger, 33, was named by World Central Kitchen, a food charity founded by Spanish-American celebrity chef José Andrés, as a victim in the airstrike.

Despite the chaos surrounding his death, Jacob Flickinger’s parents say their last official update came directly from the Embassy in Jerusalem on the day their son was killed. Struggling with grief and unanswered questions, they have turned to news outlets for information. 

“We haven’t been told anything by the United States government or the Canadian government,” said John Flickinger, Jacob’s father. “All we know is what …

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