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Maine firefighters train to better handle electric vehicle fires [Video]

New Brunswick News

Dozens of firefighters are learning more about the new tech on Maine’s roads.

BRUNSWICK, Maine — With the rise of green energy, firefighters in Maine are looking to get a step ahead of new technology on the roads with an offered class on how to extinguish fires caused by electric vehicles. 

“I reflect back and vehicle fires were pretty basic back in the day,” MFSI Director Jim Graves said. 

With the changes, instructor Ron Butler with the National Fire Protection Association walked firefighters through the different types of electric vehicles, how to safely cut power, the kinds of hazards folks should avoid, and more. 

“We take away a few core principals… there’s a lot of information that’s given through these trainings,” Butler said. On top of the handful of hours of coursework, he also walked folks under the hood of EVs parked outside of MFSI that were borrowed through Darling’s.

As a result, Graves said …

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