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Neighborhood of tiny homes is filling up quickly in San Antonio [Video]

Canadian Economy and Markets

SAN ANTONIO — With sky-high home prices and interest rates to match, many first-time homebuyers are being priced out of the market. But one subdivision on San Antonio’s far east side is bucking the trend to make that American dream come to life.

When you think of tiny homes you might think of a 30-foot tiny downstairs sleeper for $52,900. Or a Canada Goose Tiny House RV for $119,000. Or a cute little thing called Tiny Price, Big Love for $27,000. Wait a minute. It is only 96 square feet? Let’s find something bigger.

It’s called the Elm Trails subdivisionon San Antonio’s far east side just off Walzem Road. Just how big are these homes with a one-car driveway, narrow front, and a full backyard? Billy The Realtor from BRTexasRealty Group said, “It is going to be a two story home. It’s going to be over 600 square feet. Okay a little larger than the …

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