How a trans activist group undermined medical science / Aaron Wudrick and Mia Hughes
How a trans activist group undermined medical science / Aaron Wudrick and Mia Hughes
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The UN Has Put Earth’s Climate On A Red Alert [Video]

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The UN Has Put Earth’s Climate On A Red Alert

Last year was the hottest one Earth has had since records began, with 90% of our oceans experiencing heatwave conditions. The World Meteorological Organisation also reckons 2024 could be a hot one, and say Earth’s climate is on a ‘red alert’. But the report says there is a glimmer of hope, and we can slow or even stop temperatures from rising much further if we make a huge effort. As always, the UN is calling on governments around the world to do more, like quit fossil fuels, and come up with good climate action plans. And in 2023, there was a big boom in renewable energy, which they say is good news.

Hollywood superstar, Leonardo Dicaprio, has made a surprise plea to the Tasmanian government. The actor is known for his environmental activism, and last night, he made an Instagram post, calling for the government to end native forest logging and help save critically endangered species. The post comes just in time for the Tasmanian election, which will be held this weekend. And even though a lot of the people agree with Dicaprio, both Liberal and Labor parties say logging is going to continue.

Hi I’m CJ, I’m 17, I’ll be going to the Qantas Pilot Academy in Toowoomba — I hope to be the first female, Indigenous pilot for Qantas. I started flying on my 16th birthday. My uncle, he got me a gift to do a lesson in Perth. I’ve applied for the Qantas Pilot Academy, and I got accepted. So, they gave out nine modules, and I had to study through them, and lucky for me, I passed all of them. In April, I’ll be heading to Queensland in Toowoomba at the Qantas Pilot Academy, so that goes for 55 weeks. After the training program, you go into a traineeship and you get your hours up to be able to fly those bigger ones. I’m training to get my RPL, it’s a recreational pilot license. And that basically means you can fly the smaller planes, just something I’ve planned to get before heading down to Toowoomba. I guess I’m just trying to inspire young people to follow their goals and stick with that goal. I guess it means a lot to me, being able to be the first female, Indigenous pilot for Qantas, being accepted, and just sort of like a pathway to lead for other Indigenous people as well and non-Indigenous people as well.

First to the Spanish city of Malaga, where this robo-dog has been deployed to patrol local traffic. The police say they want to use this digital pup to help spot dangerous situations, and while it’s remote-controlled for now, the goal is to integrate artificial intelligence, so eventually, this robo-dog will monitor the streets on its own four paws, or nubs.. I guess.

Next, to a field of tulips, where this robot is policing flowers! It identifies sick tulips in these fields of thousands, and poisons them, before they spread viruses. It’s a job that used to be done entirely by hand, and while this machine cost a lot of money.

And finally to Japan, where Godzilla stopped destroying cities for a day, to become Tokyo’s Honorary Police Chief! The overgrown reptile stumbled around the city to promote traffic safety… What godzilla and traffic safety have to do with eachother, I’m not sure.


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Hon Tony Abbott in conversation with Brian Lee Crowley / MLI
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