ANTISEMITISM ON CAMPUS / Aaron Wudrick and Sydney Greenspoon
ANTISEMITISM ON CAMPUS / Aaron Wudrick and Sydney Greenspoon
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The water will win | News [Video]

Ontario News

There has been water everywhere.

A very wet spring means that bodies of water across Upstate New York are spilling over their banks. Wetlands and swamps are full. And so is Lake Ontario, which is what the other water would normally drain into.

For the home and business owners on Lake Ontario’s southern shore, the flooding has been a slow-moving nightmare. Water – pushed some days by high winds – has been clawing into beachfronts and lawns, shifting sand, flooding buildings, closing roads.

Docks at marinas are under water. Businesses have been closed. Homeowners have been piling up sandbags, trying to stave off the lake. And many of the lakefront landowners and the elected officials who represent them are furious, blaming the loss of property and revenue on new regulations that control the flow of water out of Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River.

The regulations, provided in a report known as Plan 2014, …

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