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Thousands of Winnipeggers asked to cut back water use while pipe leaks [Video]

Manitoba News

A sewage saga continues in Winnipeg, as 90,000 residents are being asked to cut down on their water use while the city battles a pipe leak that has spewed over 200-million-litres of untreated sewage into the Red River.

The plea to conserve comes as city crews hurry to resolve the issue at the Fort Garry Bridge, where the installation of a temporary bypass system has caused a myriad of headaches over the last two weeks and prompted an investigation from the province.

The system was brought in to stand in for the permanent pipes that are in the process of being replaced. They direct sewage from the southwest part of Winnipeg to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant. While the bypass has technically been running since Saturday, it is not fully complete yet.

Two pumps are needed, but one of the pumps is still undergoing tests off-site.

The lone pipe …

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