Double Trouble: Goodbye globalization? Balkan Devlen with Elisabeth Braw
Double Trouble: Goodbye globalization? Balkan Devlen with Elisabeth Braw
Ottawa’s $1.7-million subsidy for 10 pasta jobs reveals deep problems in our economy: Aaron Wudrick in the Globe and Mail

What’s the Logic Behind the Bank of Canada’s 5% Decision? [Video]

Canadian Politics and Government

What’s the Logic Behind the Bank of Canada’s 5% Decision?

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On this episode today, we’ll take the look at the Bank of Canada’s decision to maintain its overnight rate at 5%, unpacking the key factors behind this decision and its implications for the economy.

Also on today’s episode:

💳 Equifax reports concerning trends in consumer debt, particularly in Ontario and British Columbia.
💻 The rise of fake websites impersonating real companies and the financial losses they’re causing for unsuspecting consumers.
⚖️ Two legal battles faced by Apple, including a hefty fine imposed by the European Union and a settlement in a class-action lawsuit regarding the deliberate slowing down of older iPhone models.

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