"Can the UN get much worse?" Hillel Neuer and Casey Babb / Inside Policy Talks
"Can the UN get much worse?" Hillel Neuer and Casey Babb / Inside Policy Talks
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TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 476: Flip a Tesla Cybertruck – And Find Out… [Video]

Canadian Environment and Climate

TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 476: Flip a Tesla Cybertruck – And Find Out…

Welcome to today’s show!

On today’s show: Porsche unveils the quickest Taycan yet, Tesla follows through on its threat to Cybertruck flippers, and EV FUD is on the rise in the U.S. Presidential campaign.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:32 – Welcome!
00:52 – Porsche Unveils the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT
01:49 – Hyundai Prices its IONIQ 5 N
02:41 – Fisker allegedly on the brink of bankruptcy
03:50 – GM – and Ford (since recording) accused of spying on drivers – but it’s down to in-car settings
05:09 – Volkswagen unveils the GTX variants of the ID3 and ID7 Wagon
06:07 – Tesla comes down hard on customers who had sold their Cybertrucks, ignoring warnings about it.
07:04 – Rivian R2 secures 68,000 pre-reservations in under 24-hours
08:08 – Tesla, Ford, both highlighted as paying their executives far, far more than their tax bills
09:50 – Euro 7 standards finally agreed upon
10:53 – U.S. Federal Government announces first strategy document for electrifying big rigs
13:04 – Giga Berlin restarts production
13:26 – Honda, Nissan rumored to be working on a new EV partnership
13:43 – CATL, NIO sign a new partnership for long-lasting battery swap packs
14:01 – Zeekr working on a new, smaller electric minivan
14:17 – Elon Musk suggests Tesla Giga Berlin could start making Tesla Semi for Europe
14:35 – BP Pulse Acquires freehold for Ashford International Truck Stop
14:58 – Rivian confirms new partnership that will see it provide chassis and drivetrains for new Canada Post delivery vehicles
15:17 – Freightliner eM2 rigid-body trucks begin deliveries
15:36 – Hyundai offers trade-in program for ICE customers in Korea
15:54 – Chevrolet Blazer stop sale ends with new price, incentive eligibility
16:11 – MRA-Electric announces massive expansion of Dutch EV charging provision
16:27 – MErcedes-Benz completes final winter testing for eActroc 600 big rigs in Finland
16:43 – Zoox expands its robo taxi service in the US
16:59 – Tesla starts offering LFP battery upgrades for warranty Model 3 battery cases
17:15 – While VW confirms ID.2 will begin production in 2027, it also confirms the ID.3 won’t expand production to Wolfsburg
17:31 – Tesla confirms it is working on a NACS extension cable for non-Teslas
17:50 – Lithium Nevada secures a $2.26 billion loan from the DoE
18:09 – e-GMP based EVs recalled in Korea
18:26 – The UK Ministry of Defence orders off-grid charging stations from US company
18:44 – Volkswagen confirms a larger electric SUV is heading for the U.S.
19:01 – Ahead of the start of deliveries, Porsche already has 10,000 confirmed orders for the Macan EV
19:18 – Tesla offers some long-term shareholders the chance to get a Cybertruck ahead of schedule
19:33 – Volvo announces a new partnership with software company that it says will speed up its vehicles charge times
19:53 – New CR study shows big box stores, malls, grocery stores, lagging on EV charging
20:14 – Oak Ridge National Laboratories makes new wireless charging breakthrough
20:33 – Lilium, Atlantic Aviation, sign MOU for new partnership
20:50 – An off-road capable IONIQ5 was spied testing in Korea
21:07 – Polestar 3 gets a price cut, more range, ahead of U.S. launch
21:23 – Volvo confirms the EX30 has the lowest LCA of any vehicle it’s made
21:40 – Waymo expands its robotaxi service to LA, with Austin, TX due later this year
21:58 – BMW adds Shell charging sites to its on-board seamless charging system
22:14 – BYD unveils another honor variant EV that’s super affordable
22:32 – Unconfirmed rumor suggests Volta charging stations will no-longer free-vend
23:07 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
24:14 – WIth the Republican party nomination a sure thing, President Trump doubles down on anti-EV sentiment
25:31 – Candela announces its P-12 Ferry is heading to New Zealand for a new electric route
26:27 – Thanks, and Goodbye!

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